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So I thought I’dcompile a list of thetop ketogenic recipes from my site so you didn’t have to go searching for all the links. Hopefully, this saves you time and gives you a great list of recipes to add to your cooking adventures.

We’ll start from the bottom, and work out way up to the grand finale. I can’t give you all the hints all at once 😉

Number 10

Keto Lemon Cheesecake

Ever since I created myketo coconut bread, I’ve had this idea in my head that the bread would make a fantastic base for a cake. So today, live onInstagramI thought I’d attempt to bake this keto lemon coconut cake from scratch, and it turned out perfect!

Number 9

Keto Cheese Meatballs

Keto Cheese Meatballs are a little bit cheesy and a little bit ballsy. These little suckers are super delicious, and even easier to make.

It’s literally cubes of cheese wrapped in mince, then pan fried to perfection. You probably don’t have to read any further, as you’ve probably got the point so far!

Number 8

Keto Coconut Bread

Keto coconut bread is a fantastic substitute for myregular keto breadthat is nut free, gluten free and slightly lower in calories. The bread is fluffy, sliceable and totally delicious. Just make sure you keep some for yourself because everyone will want a slice of the action.

Number 7

Keto Cloud Bread

Cloud bread is a great substitute for bread on the ketogenic diet. The term “cloud” comes from the fact that its quite light and fluffy tasting, which comes from the egg whites being mixed and folded into the rest of the recipe.

It is seriously a good burger bun or even an Asian bao bun! I have used cheese and ham in the photo above, but you can pretty much put whatever toppings on it you like.

Number 6

Keto New York Baked Cheese Cake

I made this delicious Keto Cheesecake recipe for my Dad on his birthday. He loves cheesecakes.. almost as much as me! I guess the keto cheesecake taste must run in the family.

Number 5

Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Keto Cinnamon Rolls are a sweet cheesy dessert which ismade from the pizza dough, mixed with stevia to give it a slight sweetness alongside the cinnamon.

Top Ketogenic Recipes Of All Time (6)

Number 4

Keto Seeded Bread

When you switch to a ketogenic diet, for most people it is very hard to give up carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. This low carb bread recipe makes the switch much easier, easily being able to still have sandwiches and toast.

Number 3

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keto Chocolate chip cookies are a big favorite amongst the ketogenic community. Low carb cookies are a perfect recipe to make for any occasion, or on a Sunday when you’ve got plenty of time up your sleeve, even though they take only 20 minutes.

Number 2

Almost Instant Keto Bread / 90 Second Keto Bread

When you start a Ketogenic diet, we generally discard ever being able to eat bread again. Lucky for Almost Instant Keto Bread! The 90-second keto bread is a luscious, fluffy, ready to smack together sandwich… or the surface to put everything from peanut butter to fried eggs upon.


Keto Almond Flour Bread

My favorite Keto Bread Recipe, number 1 from the top ketogenic recipes. The Facebook video has just recently clocked over 8 Million Views, so people are pretty pleased with this one.

I didn’t want to release a keto bread recipe without finding the perfect mix of ingredients that I thought was right.

Most bread recipes can taste very eggy, or crumble very easily. This one binds really well with the addition ofxanthan gum, holding all the goodness together.

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  1. Kerrie says

    Hi Aaron,

    What is xanthan gum and where would I find it please?


    • FatForWeightLoss says

      Hey Kerrie, Xanthan gum is a binding agent, you can find it either on Amazon, or in health food stores close to you 🙂


    • FatForWeightLoss says

      Hi Suzanne,

      So, yes peanuts are not for strict ketogenic diets, however, most people can handle them without any issues. Cashews, on the other hand, are what’s known as “drupes”, which coconut is also a part of… so in theory cashews are okay 🙂


  2. Colleen Perkins says

    Thank you for all the recipes! I’ll end up trying all of them over the next couple weeks, I’m sure. The most challenging part of switching to a keto lifestyle for me, is trying to adapt everything to work for me. I had a gastric bypass seventeen months ago and the bypass was done helping me lose weight after about 140lbs of loss. The rest has been up to keto. It’s working a little at a time. After a two month plateau, I started keto and I’ve lost another 15lbs in the past 3 mos. I get 90g protein from premier protein drinks, and eat one 4-8 oz meal and 1-2 fat bombs or snacks per day, as well as drinking 64 oz of keto lemonade/ electrolyte drink I’ve concocted. Checking out your recipes and those of other people on you tube USD both educational and tasty… keep up the great work!


    • FatForWeightLoss says

      Thanks Colleen 🙂


  3. sally ferrell says

    These are very good recipes Aaron & I especially appreciate that they are simple with not too many ingredients.


  4. Bev says

    Hi Aaron I am wanting to start the keto diet I would like to loose 100 lbs but haveno idea where to start on this keto diet I am also a diabetic I hope you will be able to help me looking forward to hearing from you


  5. Susanne Hauerslev says

    Thanks for the almond bread, I sprinkle some poppy seeds on top, lovely texture, imagine it would be good as a base for a cake too. Will try adding mixed spice and nuts to the mix, maybe even a couple of tbsp chopped raisins.


  6. Althea says

    With the recipe for Keto Lemon Curd you mention how well this will go with Keto Scones, I cannot find a recipe for these scones on you site?


    • FatForWeightLoss says

      I don’t have any at the moment sorry Althea, but maybe google might be able to help you find one in the mean time?


  7. Chris says

    I tried the Keto Bread and banana bread this weekend. Both recipes turned out great. The banana bread is awesome. I found the Keto Bread a bit to greasy form my taste. Can you reduce or substitute the butter to reduce the greasiness?


  8. Karrie Baker-Muniz says

    thank you for all the recipes the Keto Bread is divine, i have celiac disease so having bread that taste’s awesome is a plus, i am also allergic to dairy so i use Ghee in place of butter but a lot of your recipes have cheese 🙁 i can tolerate goat cheese but not sure how it will work in some of your recipes but willing to try.

    thank you


    • FatForWeightLoss says

      Thanks Karrie!


Top Ketogenic Recipes Of All Time (2024)
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