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Partnership Opportunities

Yueling is a personable young woman and a gifted athlete. She will be a valuable asset to organizations that align themselves with her. As a precedent-setting athlete who is already a Gold Medallist, Yueling would be an important addition to any marketing or promotion program interested in women, female athletes, the Asian community, the Olympics or key charitable
organizations. As the 2004 Athens Olympic Games grow nearer, her value as a spokesperson can soar to new heights if she is successful in attaining her goal of winning a second Gold Medal – this time as a U.S. citizen! Yueling’s unusual story, petite beauty and winning personality could well see her become the Olga Corbit of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Here are a few of the sponsorship opportunities that you may wish to consider with Yueling:

  • Spokesperson (category exclusivity – worldwide, U.S., and/or regional, local).

  • Multi-year agreements.

  • Appearances (such as corporate organized events).

  • Use of name and/or image (such as TV commercials, infomercials, and print media).

  • Right to cross-promote with any other Yueling sponsors (if category available).

  • Right to sponsor and cross-promote withYueling’s scheduled events.

  • Right to develop cause-marketing events with Yueling Chen’s Charity Fundraising Events.

  • Right to distribute product give-a-ways or coupons at Yueling Chen’s events.

  • Right to use corporate identification with Yueling in press releases, press interviews, and video usage.

  • Right to sponsor existing and ongoing Yueling Chen retail promotion, coop-branding, and corporate promotion.

  • Corporate identification on Yueling Chen’s attire during special events, competition, and/or public interviews when permitted by organizing group.

  • Right to have her appear at corporate functions.

All rights of name, image and/or likeness for promotional purposes of Yueling Chen are dependent upon corporate sponsorship level. Some products may not be permissible depending on TEAM USA, Olympic sponsors, and/or current Yueling Chen agreements.

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