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Yueling is originally from the town of Tieling in the province of Liaoning, China. She grew up with an active interest in the arts, including singing and painting. However, at age 10 she demonstrated outstanding athletic aptitude and began her track career.

Showing the same dedication and resolve that have brought her success in many venues, Yueling surpassed any athletic expectations China could have had for her. The details are chronicled in the section of this website dedicated to athletic accomplishments.

After achieving the pinnacle of athletic success that included an Olympic Gold Medal, Yueling became a major national hero in China. She is the only living athlete to be honored with a life-size statue, which is prominently displayed in her hometown. A major Chinese television production profiled her life in a 30-minute special that was broadcast throughout China. In spite of her success and adoration in China, Yueling pictured her future in the United States of America. So, leaving behind her family and her success, she came to the U.S. to pursue further education, a career and citizenship.

Since her arrival in the States, Yueling has attended Brigham Young University and Polomar College in San Diego to enhance her command of the English language and to build a foundation for a business career. She has also taken formal training as a professional model.

Yueling continues her business career as Director of Asian Marketing for Imagenetix, Inc., a distributor of health and nutritional products.

She now has three important goals; two are short term and one is long term. The first two short-term goals have been achieved. First, Yueling gained her U.S. citizenship. Second, Yueling competed on the U.S. Olympic Team that represented the Stars and Stripes in the 2000 Sydney, Australia, Olympic Games and she has since began her training for 2004 for Athens, Greece. Third, Yueling's long-term goal focuses on her foundation, which will provide support to nonprofits. The Yueling Chen Foundation promotes walking for health and fitness. More details are found in the section of this website dedicated to charitable/volunteer activities. NEXT

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