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US Olympic Race Walking Team Member Ms. Yueling Chen issued the following
statement on August 10, 2000, concerning the Chinese Olympic Committee's
decision to grant a waiver allowing her to represent the USA in the 2000

"I am very happy that I will be able to join my fellow U.S. Olympic Race
Walking Team members and represent this wonderful country at the 2000 Games in
Sydney, Australia. Even though I continued to train while this difficult
issue was being settled, I can now focus more clearly on the 20KM race-walk
scheduled for the 28th of September in Sydney. I believe my participation in
this competition will further strengthen the bonds between China, the land of
my birth, and my new home, America.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all my friends, supporters,
well wishers, the media and the Chinese Olympic Committee. Your support and
assistance were invaluable.

I always believed that the member of the Chinese Olympic Committee would
change their minds once they clearly understood my situation. This was a
complex and important decision. They not only needed additional
clarification; they also had to wrestle with the difficulty of translating IOC
Rule 46.2 into Chinese. I salute all of the diligence and hard work the
Chinese Olympic Committee undertook in order to ensure their decision was fair
and just. I will always have a deep affection for the people of China and as
such, would like to extend an offer to help China in their 2008 Olympic bid
once the Games in Sydney are over."

While I'm sure this list is incomplete, I would like to specifically mention
the efforts of the following individuals who were key in bringing about this

Mr. Hybl, President of the USOC
Mr. Bob Ctvrlik, IOC Athletic Representative
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Ms. Donna DeVerona
Ms. Anita de Frantz, IOC Member
Mr. Craig Masback, USA Track and Field
Mr. Russ Hodge of the USA Olympian Committee
Mr. Tracy Sundlun of Elite Racing
Mr. William Spencer, president of Imagenetix
Ms. Ruth Nelson of brvc inc.
My manager and advisor, Mr. Derek Boosey

Yueling Chen August 10, 2000 statement (2/2)

Again, I appreciate the efforts and hard work of so many that went into
helping me take one more step toward fulfilling my Olympic dream. I look
forward to competing in the Games and will endeavor to do my absolute best to
bring a medal home to the USA. "

About Yueling Chen
Ms. Yueling Chen is a world-class race walker who has won virtually every
international competition and set a world record for the 10K Inaugural event.
After becoming the first Asian woman to ever win a track and field Olympic
Gold medal during the 1992 competition in Barcelona, she is the only athlete
to have a bronze statue unveiled in China to honor her accomplishment while
still alive.

Ms. Chen moved from the People's Republic of China to the United States in
1993 where she attended school and became Director of Asian Marketing for
Imagenetix, a nutritional manufacturer in San Diego, California. She resumed
her athletic career in 1998 and looks forward to representing the US in the
20K Inaugural race walk event in Sydney next month. Additional information
about Ms. Chen is available at www.yuelingchen.com or shoppinglouisiana.com.


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