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Charitable/Volunteer Activities

Yueling is well aware of the good that can be accomplished by using her high profile to lend support to charities, foundations, and organizations. Yueling is presently serving as spokesperson for the 3KWalk & Talk4Seniors™ nationwide series of healthwalks to raise money for the 2001 Summer National Senior Games — “The Senior Olympics”. In December she began this fundraising campaign with the introduction of her custom Yueling Chen Retail Prepaid Phonecard in California. Up to 50% of the money raised from the walks, collectible phonecards, Yueling Chen merchandise and Yueling books will go to the 2001 Games and selected nonprofits. Later this year, Yueling Chen's book will be released, promoted, and sold online.

The Yueling Chen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes walking for health and fitness. Its fundraising activities include the 3KWalk & Talk4Seniors™ Program that not only promotes health and fitness, but also provides instructional clinics on walking and nutrition for both the competitive athlete and the recreational walker. Statistics show that 70 million people walk. Currently, this Program is targeting the 50 and over age group.

Among other projects, Yueling has been involved with Special Olympics, Inc. In May, 2000, she joined Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Great Wall fundraising event for Special Olympics China. In the 1999 Special Olympics World Summer Games, she conducted a race walking clinic with athletes and presented awards to them. Her status as an Olympic Gold Medallist made her presence at the Great Wall event and the Special Olympics World Summer Games especially appreciated by the athletes, the organizers, and the promoters — including Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Chairman of the Board Sargent Shriver.

Yueling was involved at the 1998 NIKE World Masters Games where she conducted race walking clinics for athletes from over 100 countries.

Yueling has been involved with many diverse charities and foundations.

  • She has appeared and spoken on behalf of the Union of Pan Asian Community of San Diego County. This 300,000 member organization has long been a strong supporter of the Pan Asian community and promoter of good health .
  • Yueling has supported the Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation (Race for the Cure) and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (Walk to Cure Diabetes). She supported each of these foundations by walking in their respective fundraising events.
  • She has participated in the Lunar Year Walk and Parade to benefit charities in the Alhambra and San Gabriel areas of California.
  • Yueling has spoken at the National Association of Governor's Councils on Physical Fitness and Sport.
  • She has also served as honorary spokesperson for the United States Kidney Foundation in support of organ donation. Yueling has not only spoken on behalf of the Foundation, but also conducted a walking and fitness clinic at the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games.
  • In addition to these organizations, Yueling has lent her support to the World Wildlife Fund.


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