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Special Olympics

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"I believe that we are part of a global community whereby we should help others. I am proud of my Chinese heritage, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a United States citizen. I hope to provide assistance to both China and the US as they work together for the common good."

2008 Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Highlights Yueling Chen
In its Olympic History section, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Committee highlights Yueling as one of China's national heros and revels in her accomplishments.

2008 Beijing Bid for Olympic Games and Its Impact
In its News Center secion, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Committee acknowledges Arnold Schwarzenegger and Yueling as they promote the Olympic ideal and raise funds for Special Olympics China. download PDF archive

Yueling Congratulated by Former President Bill Clinton
Mr. Clinton invited the USA Olympic Team athletes to the White House following the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. PHOTO.

Yuelings Athletic Accomplishments
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